May 06 2014

Connection and Manifestation

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Like water in a river, hugging the rock, the water flows as blood through your veins, nurturing the cells with fire from the sun. We’re immersed by air, walking on and built of earth.

As comforting it can be to know that you’re never alone, that every ancestor is always here in parts of his physicality, this connection is also the source of the confusion we experience in our lives. If we were entirely separate, everything would be molded to our will with thoughts alone. To organize this confusion into something tangible we use concepts. We call something with a name to identify it. It can even be nameless, that is not the point as long as we recognize it’s form as something predictable. We create a separation that we can readily grasp rationally.

If we because of this can accept that our world is an illusion on a higher level, or a dimension, and not necessarily the only one, it is possible to accept that our subconscious (Or unconscious for that matter. The distinction is irrelevant for what I am talking about here.) is also connected. This is where I place the “spiritual world”, although I have seen this also to exist on many levels, all interacting more or less seamlessly. I look upon the physical world as a mirror, a manifestation of will in the collective subconscious and that ALL change happens there before it comes on “earth”.

So the question is then: Why don’t we just wish up new things to come to earth? Why is it stable?

My answer to this is: Because the will is not uni-directional and the illusion we experience is so strong that we are always manifesting what we already experience. So greater manifestations becomes like a compromise of all will, including that of animals, rocks and whatever else there is. It is extremely difficult to manipulate will on a very high level instantaneously, because so many other wills are acting against yours. This is where marketing, domestication and religion comes in. Here the subconscious of other beings is being manipulated to conform with the will of the people with the original intention. No sorcerer can change the world alone, only the smaller things he can normally negotiate into his favour. A clever sorcerer lies and deceives to make people believe in him so his powers to do his work is greater. This sorcerer can be an inspired businessman, inventor or politician for instance.

In an other article I will go through the concept of free will and possessions, which can also be relevant to this discussion. There is also the trouble of cause and effect: Are you reading the future or are you creating it?

Understanding manifestation, it is possible to learn how to create what you want in your life. I’m by no means an expert in that, but I’m getting better at it…


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  1. Ron van Wiggenon 06 May 2014 at 5:28 pm

    Interesting post and indeed something to ponder over….
    I am looking forward to the promissed next post.

  2. Torjus Gaarenon 06 May 2014 at 9:58 pm

    I have several in the works, but I’ll probably be unable to post them for the next 13 days or so. I can’t access the internet with my pc at work it seems.

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