May 04 2014

New Focus and Rebrand

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Increasingly I have become aware that things are a lot less clear-cut than I always thought it would be. I’m thankful that life has given me a job in the oil industry, where I can work some on and off so I can get money to build me a good life in the current economic climate. I am not necessarily interested in being a full time hunter-gatherer anymore, because it’s not realistic with the current laws and population density. I want to combine agriculture, pastoralism, fishing and hunting.

IDEALS is what I’ve had to let go of. I’ve had to think about what I really WANT, rather than what is pure AMBITION. What I want is to be close to nature, aid others to develop that relationship and to live in a small scale society. I can’t stand the hurt of large scale societies.

I can appreciate modern technology a lot more now, although I have no interest of things like TV. It is possible present some of these tools and how it can be used to add to your life if your goal is freedom and self-sufficiency.

As I possibly will explain more about in a later post, I believe that cryptocurrencies is a great way for the common folk to gain power over the banking system that is making life difficult for us.  I will at the beginning accept donations in worldcoins, maxcoins and bitcoins, but I will include others if they show potential. Donations will be required for continued posting. Policy will be that if I write about other people’s projects, 1/4 of the donations that day will be transferred to them. This is to spread the use of decentralized money and to give them something in return for being so kind to show us their projects.

Over time I’ll change more of the site, but I’ll keep the same domain for now.

If you think your site will make a good addition to the link section on this site. Send me a mail and I’ll take it to consideration. 🙂


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5 Responses to “New Focus and Rebrand”

  1. Gorges Smytheon 05 May 2014 at 2:24 am

    No disrespect, but I’ll start paying to read your blog when I start charging to read mine.

  2. Torjus Gaarenon 05 May 2014 at 5:42 am

    That is entirely your choice, but good to know…

  3. J.R.on 10 May 2014 at 6:46 am

    “Donations will be required for continued posting.”

    Strange policy you’re advocating. I understand the need to see an income from all the time and effort you put into these posts – I’ve written over ten thousand articles myself and am fully aware of what it takes, especially when you’ve been working for “free” for decades. But it’s the way you said it that is unsettling.

    I cannot speak for anyone else, but it would have been better (for me) to read, “Please support my blog with your donation” .vs. “you’d better pay or I’ll stop”.

    On other matters – you’ve seen to have lost your former focus… and it’s a HUGE shock to learn your working in the oil industry… I’m certain you’re aware of how utterly destructive this is to Earth and life and future and hope and the entire biosphere… And you’ve given up the hunter / gatherer full-time.

    Do you really think your blog is going to survive such a radical shift? I kinda doubt it.

    Modern technology does nothing for “freedom” (technology is a chain, and a destructive one at that). Nobody obtains freedom within the system.

    It’s almost as if you’ve lost your sense of balance and are no longer being true to your (former) self. What happened to cause this?

    The blog will become polluted with this new change. Better to simply start a new one and leave this one as it was – primitive living. You can change, but it’s going to be mighty strange and awkward to find any sense of continuity with the new direction / lifestyle you seem to now be embracing.

  4. Torjus Gaarenon 10 May 2014 at 7:03 am

    I need the money I make in oil to buy land to buy land to do good with. When you see people who don’t live there destroying the place you’ve lived most of your life with clearcutting and spruce plantations or just plain neglect, you want to do something. If you think I’m living an extravagant lifestyle you are very mistaken.

    As long as this society exists I need to play the game this society plays by.

    I knew that many people were going to judge me for this and I don’t feel any need for any further justification.

  5. Alm Jissomon 24 May 2014 at 2:48 am

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