Dec 27 2015

Fur Socks

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The plan is to finally get around to making new winter boots this year. To know which size to make them I made a pair of fur socks first.

The socks are made out of sheep skins tanned lightly with bark and subsequently smoked. The skins are a bit small, which makes them a lot more work to make than if I used a whole reindeer hide, but it also allowed me to experiment with patterns for the boots themselves.

There are mainly three pieces to this pattern. The sole, the toe and front, and the heel and leg. Some minor adjustments will probably be made for the next pair I make, but they seem alright and certainly very warm.

This kind of socks are of Evenki, Even and Yakut design and the boots will be as well.

DSC_0297 DSC_0311 DSC_0314


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