Dec 16 2015

Skin Breaker

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Some skins can be very hard to work efficiently. In particular leg skins of various deer animals. The breaker helps you break open the membrane of the flesh side, before scraping them, making the scraping easier and more complete.

The breaker can also be used on small buckskin and grain on hides for the same purpose. Body skins of deers with fur on have too brittle hairs. There are better ways of dealing with them.

The procedure for initial softening plus breaking up the membrane is as follows: The skin is oiled on the flesh side with any kind of fat available. Thicker hides must also be slightly dampened with moss. After leaving overnight the skins are folded and broken in all directions in the breaker. When complete, the skin is scraped and can be made ready for the final softening by hand. I will not cover the details of this here.

I have been using this tool for over a year now and it has cut the time I spend on leg or headskins drastically.

Some detail photos:

DSC_0273 DSC_0274


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