Feb 14 2016

Flint and Steel Kit Review (http://www.flint-and-steel.com/)

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Occasionally I’m approached by people wanting me to review their products. Before I have always declined due to the products not holding high enough quality or being too irrelevant for my site.

I was therefore happy to be approached by http://www.flint-and-steel.com/. They sent me their flint and steel set #4.1.1.


The Set

This particular set contains a forged steel striker, three flints, a box of charcloth, two rolls of string for tinder, how-to instructions and a leather container to put in your belt or by using the shoulder strap.

All the parts are very stylish and professionally made. Definitely an impressive gift or something to talk about at any outdoor event.



Use and Review 

The instructions are straight forward, with both text and pictures. I knew the procedure from before, but I think the information will be good enough even for beginners.

The string for tinder is a bit time consuming to undo and buff up. I will probably keep that cordage for emergencies and use self gathered tinder for the most part.

Saying that, the fibres from the cordage caught fire from the charcloth really easily. The flint and steel gives very strong sparks and the charcloth caught on the first or second strike.

All in all, the set is very functional and of high quality. It can be used for many fires even without getting more charcloth or tinder. Definitely recommended!


DSC_0616 DSC_0618 DSC_0619 DSC_0628


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