Apr 03 2016

Out of Eternity

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For those that found my previous article on eternity rather deterministic and left you feeling a bit powerless; I have something to add to it.

Since eternity covers all possibilities, it also exists that it is NOT like an endless mirror. Like a parallel eternity: This is ascension. This is magic. Where the understanding of the universe takes on a different form and free will becomes unshackled.

To get here you must think the unthinkable thought. The thought that was not already here.

To contain the madness, to live the illusion you need to remain grounded. You can only undream your dream and change all realities when you are meant to be released.

Weary of the game, the path is clear.
To end it you must yourself dissappear.

Forever darkness you must embrace.
The fear of vanishing without a trace.

To in death let go, not cling to illusion.

To accept yourself into the eternal fusion.

Gifts await beyond the wheel,
but they will never be yours to feel.

To be a God, you must be nothing



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2 Responses to “Out of Eternity”

  1. matton 06 Apr 2016 at 1:56 am


    Now this grabbed my interest. I suppose I’ll just treat this as an unsolvable riddle. There seem to be no specifics involved

    I have, on occasion, maybe once every year or few years, went into a sort of monolog with a friend or relative that somehow trigger something in me. Basically i would tell them the same thing you said in your previous post. About nature(or lack of?) Of reality. Nothing matters, nothing exists, theres no free will. I dont know why these thoughts appear. Does it matter? Lol

    I have, and do spend alot of time alone. Alot of it out in the forest(i trap for 3 months of the year in a remote area). Do you have a source for any of this info? Or does it come random, as it does to me? A sort of ramblings of a lone bushman?

  2. Emiliuson 12 Apr 2016 at 5:42 pm

    Ordinary rules of logic must necessarily break if this is to be a description of reality, and I guess this is why you mentioned being mad.

    Not being very smart, I find that the idea of free will and ego share some characteristics, perhaps in the sense that what we see as ourselves – the ego – is really an illusion, it covers up what is real (all is interconnected and thus the ego does not have any meaning or control). Free will speaks to the ego I guess, that we are somehow not connected to what else happens in our universe and the ego are thus free to choose.

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