Nov 15 2020

Tiny Fishing Hooks

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Made in the most common way of making toe bone hooks, these hooks are very small. About ideal size for brown trout in this area. The bones used are found connecting the dew claws on the front legs on roe deer (Capreolus capreolus). Directly connected to the “needle bones”. Similar bones from the other deer species around here are either too large or wrong shape.

Construction is as follows: The bones are ground flat on either side until the wall towards the marrow is thin enough to be poked through. Grinding all the way to the marrow might make the hook too thin, so don’t overdo it. Drill if you have to. Next you carve out all the thin and flimsy parts until you are left with some kind of closed loop. Saw or carve off the one corner that will not be part of the hook and then thin and sharpen as desired.



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