Nov 26 2020

Whitefish Fishing 3: Grilling

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Grilling is my favourite way of preparing whitefish, and this method also works well for other fatty trout species.

First part of the process is to cut slits in the skin (and a bit into the flesh) all the way along on both sides. This will make the fish grill much more thoroughly than if the skin was left intact. Cut the tail off as well, as this is where the stick will enter.


Enter the stick along the spine up to the head, making sure the stick does not come out into the body cavity or out through the skin. This method will make it far easier to turn the fish while you grill it, than if you had threaded through the cavity. You can do the aforementioned cutting in the skin after threading the fish if you find that easier.


The fire should preferably have burned down to mostly coals. I don’t like grilling over flames because it burns more easily and turns black with soot. Cook the fish on both sides until golden. The fins might burn off and that is fine. Also grill a bit inside the cavity to make sure it cooks through.


There you go, very easy and fast way of grilling fish. And far superior taste to all other methods I have tried. I use this method both with fresh and salted whitefish.



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