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Aug 07 2021

Three Gorgeous Dams

Did you get the pun?

There is a local mountain area where the majority of the lakes are too shallow for fish to survive during the winter. When out hunting it is always good to have a secondary source of food. Three lakes in a row used to have fish, but they went extinct during the acid rain of the 70s and 80s, which coincided with the beaver leaving and the old dams gradually bursting. To remedy this we have replanted small populations of trout and replaced the beaver dams with handmade ones. Hopefully the populations will survive the winter and start multiplying.

Two dams are made out of rocks and moss only. The third one we also used a couple of logs. Two were made on the same day and did not fill up yet. One was made before and is now full. In cooperation with Jonathan Ridgeon (jonsbushcraft).

20210807_143932.jpg 20210807_143918.jpg 20210807_143947.jpg 20210807_1514573642350774211586381.jpg 20210807_1515092552251915592728778.jpg 20210807_1522486811055069495830792.jpg

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