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Apr 03 2016

Out of Eternity

For those that found my previous article on eternity rather deterministic and left you feeling a bit powerless; I have something to add to it.

Since eternity covers all possibilities, it also exists that it is NOT like an endless mirror. Like a parallel eternity: This is ascension. This is magic. Where the understanding of the universe takes on a different form and free will becomes unshackled.

To get here you must think the unthinkable thought. The thought that was not already here.

To contain the madness, to live the illusion you need to remain grounded. You can only undream your dream and change all realities when you are meant to be released.

Weary of the game, the path is clear.
To end it you must yourself dissappear.

Forever darkness you must embrace.
The fear of vanishing without a trace.

To in death let go, not cling to illusion.

To accept yourself into the eternal fusion.

Gifts await beyond the wheel,
but they will never be yours to feel.

To be a God, you must be nothing


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Mar 22 2016

In the Scope of Eternity

Our civilisation is becoming painfully aware of what has always been known to a few. The universe is endless. Or even if our universe is not endless, there are other universes behind it.

Because of this your exact situation in every way will exist in countless copies throughout eternity. And not only in copies, but every single point in time, past or future. And in every variation imaginable or unimaginable.

This makes time and space irrellevant, it makes life itself irrellevant. It makes sure that even the smallest thought you ever had was already there before you thought it. Meal you cook had already been cooked an infinite amount of times. It all gathers into the point of everything, where there are no surprises and all is contained.

Because of this, every event can be forseen and every event remembered. But there is no point, as it was already decided.

Any kind of control is thus useless, all imagination is as real and existant as much as we believe we are.

We are all living absolutely every situation of eternity always. Someone out there knows that he is you. Like an endless stream of mirror images of sentient beings, but not only mirrored. They vary to every possible form. This makes us all one and all without consequence.

Death is an impossibility and life is an illusion. All we can do is to play this already played game. You will forget this every day; that has been foreseen.

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Mar 21 2016

Drying Meat

It was common amongst northern native groups to freeze their catches in big pieces over the winter. Meat was simply chopped off as needed. Especially in the milder parts of the boreal zone, the meat from autumn kills would ferment as the winter progressed.

When the spring thawed out the meat piles, the remaining was dried in big pieces for summer use. At this time there are few flies, the air dry and the sun reflects strongly off the snow. Some groups used a light smoke or salting prior to the drying to keep flies and birds off.

This method saves a lot of work compared to drying meat in summer when it has to be cut really thin and smoked continously to avoid spoilage. The latter method is the one I have largely been using until now.

I could ideally have started drying the meat a bit sooner than I did. Night frosts are now not quite as hard and some flies have appeared. I used no salt or smoke and am looking forward to testing the results soon.

The meat in the photo are the legs and heart of a wild reindeer.


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Feb 23 2016

The Feeling of Wealth

You are standing outside of your small and cosy house. Overlooking a beautiful valley, surrounded by your loving family, there is food on your table and you don’t need anything. That is true wealth!

It is a subject that has been a topic of discussion for a while now amongst the ones I engage with in everyday life. We have observed how some people get all kinds of opportunities and utilise them for the best at every turn. A few principles have risen from this discussion that are worth sharing:

  1. Wealth is not about money. There are people around with tons of it that still feel they need more. And there are people with almost nothing that feel like they have plenty.
  2. If your income is low, you can downscale as much as realistically possible to achieve a feeling of affluence. For most people this will require selling almost everything they have and paying off loans. It might require you to move to a cheaper place where you can grow or otherwise procure your food for free.
  3. I have noticed people at work who are very strained financially might spend a lot of energy trying to get promoted or get good job assignments. In the majority of cases these people will appear needy, lose their image of being successful and thus undermine their own efforts. They might even make grave mistakes in the wish to impress and then risk losing their job. It’s better to just downscale your living costs to the level where you don’t even need to keep your job. Then you can relax and enjoy the opportunities that inevitably will arise.
  4. Aim for the essence of what you really want in life rather than a figure or a specific object. You are not really aiming for that million dollars in the bank, you are aiming for a feeling you assume they will give you. Maybe you could already have reached the feeling of financial freedom, just by cutting costs.


The Advantages of Feeling Wealthy

  1. You will feel instantly lighter in life and get more enthusiastic about actually doing more for your situation. The feeling of being in control instead of at the mercy of some external power is not to be underestimated.
  2. You will pass on the less good opportunities in favour of good ones. Often, when in chronic money trouble, you will find yourself committing to less interesting or profitable opportunities. This may force you to regretfully turn down an excellent opportunity when it arises, because you don’t have the time. A wealthy person can afford to wait!
  3. A less obvious advantage is that you will live longer and healthier. Stress is a major source of health problems. Remove your stress and your body can free energy for more important healing tasks.



Downscaling will always come with hard decisions. Although my costs are incredibly low in general, they are too high for the lifestyle I wish to lead. So I decided to sell my bitcoins, an investment I have some belief in, to pay off the mortgage on my farm. The money was just sitting there, when I could be wealthy now!

Investments reinforce your belief that you are in shortage of something and need to change the situation. It’s better to free up those money to get to your goal more quickly instead of gambling in desperation. Getting into investments should be reserved for those who are already feeling wealthy. They can make rational choices without too much attachment and are consequently more likely to be successful at it.

On a related note, purchases are best done with caution. Do not get tempted to buy things you don’t need at the moment; the need can disappear before you know it.



Although it’s good to have control over your costs, being too stingy is signal to yourself that you are in shortage and immediately removes your feeling of affluence. Sharing of what you have will make more come back to you. Probably tenfold.


I hate luxury. I exercise moderation…It will be easy to forget your vision and purpose once you have fine clothes, fast horses and beautiful women. [In which case], you will be no better than a slave, and you will surely lose everything. – Genghis Khan (quote from here)


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Feb 19 2016

Siberian Style Skin Boots

Making these kind of boots is no small job. For my size of feet I need 10 leg skins plus two moose head skins for soles. The boots were sewn with moose and reindeer backstrap sinew.

I’m very pleased with the results, but if you want details you have to ask in the comments. After 5 days of sewing I am feeling a bit done with the boots. 🙂





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