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Nov 26 2007

internet out of service

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Cant get through to write on the blog now it seems

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Nov 22 2007

Knackered Again

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Thanks to Ian for his kind donation.

I’ll be back tomorrow, with full force probably on Sunday.

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Nov 08 2007


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I have slept very little the previous nights, because of kids refusing to do it as well. So after work today I just haven’t had the energy to write a proper post.


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Oct 17 2007

Sorting Things Out (Back in Civilisation)

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First of all thank you for all of your comments and interest! It has been very encouraging. Thanks to Matt and Roger for donatations!

I have several hundred photographs on my camera, a lot of thoughts and stuff that needs to be sorted out, spam needs to be cleared and some more domestic things also has to be taken care of.

The experience in itself has been rewarding, but without any great victories. In such a situation the only possible motivating victory is a kill. Catching fish is something I already excel at so even if it is food, I don’t count it as an achievement, although it is food. I love fish usually, but the lean and spawning trout isn’t really much in the way of food.  I would have been better off with a bow (illegal) than a rifle, except the instance with the moose.  With a bow I could have shot trushes and other small birds, without as much loss of meat. Other than that, a shotgun would have brought me a kill almost every day.

Next year I will have a wild reindeer (caribou) license, so then I guess things might be somewhat easier. I’ll try to post something more later today.

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Sep 02 2007

Just for a few days

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I’m migrating the blog to wordpress and it’s own domain. To not lose any comments I’ll disable the comments for a few days and not post again until the new domain is up and running with the blog.

There will also be some changes in regards to the goal of the blog itself. From strictly displaying skills, I’ll focus more on the experience of it all, in an attempt to catch the interest of more readers. Not that I’m not satisfied with the primitive skills nerds that already read this blog… 😀


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