Dec 12 2006

Fishing Expedition 2006

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This summer I arranged a guided fishing trip in my home range for a few paying members of the bcuk. It was supposed to be a 10 days trip, but it ended up becoming 9 days in the mountains and 1 more day down in the lowlands. I hope my companions from this trip; Ian, Neil and Chris, will not be too mad at me for using some of their photos too. This was not a primitive expedition, but we did some of it and maybe interesting to read for you anyway.

Photo: View of the main valley.

After we had made our introductions and had spent a day preparing, we departed for the mountains the next morning. The first day’s walk was short, but steep and we climbed from about 400 to 800 metres above sea level.

Photo: Starting the first walk on the expedition.

The first thing we did after we got to the lake Brårtjønn was take a refreshing bath in the lake before we set up camp.

Photo: After arriving at lake Brårtjønn. From the left: Chris, Neil and Ian.

After setting up the lavvo we spent some time fishing in that lake. The trout in that lake is big and as big fish usually are, not easy to catch.

The next day we went for a roundtrip around the many lakes in the area. We got many fish for lunch, too many to eat, so we left a lot of them to the fox and raven. A common practise in this area, since the trout is abundant, but not always of that great quality. Ian did however, catch the biggest fish on the trip on this roundtour, in Småtjønnane, approximately of 1kg in weight.

Photo: Look at the happy fisherman!

After having a hearty lunch of grilled fish, we went back to camp. Stuffed on elk (moose) and pork we decided to smoke the rest of the elk meat in the lavvo to save it for days with less fortune in the fishing department.

The next day we moved on to Rishovdtjønnane. An argeous journey, but when we got there we had some excellent fishing and saw game for the first time on the trip, a beaver. We decided not to put up the lavvo that night, but we all slept on the ground instead. That included the hammockers, Ian and Chris.

In the morning we once again broke camp and moved into Findalen, a more untouched part of the area. When we got to Saksundvatn we set up the lavvo and made dinner of some of the fish we caught the last day. The boys were pretty much knackered and due to discontent over all the walking I decided that we’d stay an extra day on this site, three days in total before taking a shortcut over a hill.

We had three excellent days of fishing there. We caught a lot of trout, too many to eat, since we had meat and plenty of other supplies. While in camp and moving about we saw ducks, elk, beaver and black grouse. Chris and me had a walk up on a mountain on 1100 metres above sea level. There were some patches with snow up there. Excellent to cool off on as the weather had been hot during the whole trip.

Photo (above): The view from the lavvo.

Photo (above): An overview of parts of Findalen.

Photo: Two lazy bastards in the lavvo 🙂

It was unwillingly we departed from this camp, but we were also looking forward to spending a night down at my fathers cabin.

Photo (above): Looking back on the valley on departure.

Photo: Walking past the big lake Brårvatn on our way down.

We spent a night down at the cabin and went down again. We all had a very good trip I think, but we all lost weight and I was told by the participants that my requirement of “average physical condition” should rather have been “good physical condition”.

It was a very pleasant experience and I would be most pleased to be a guide on such a trip again. Not at the low fee I did it on this time though.

More of Chris and Ian’s pictures to be found here.


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