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Mar 13 2007

Veidemann Course

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I’m not back, at least yet, but I would like take the opportunity to market the course that Patrick McGlinchey (Backwoods Survival School) and I is coarranging 1. – 7. October this year. Patrick is extremely knowledgable and an equally comptent craftsman. Learning from him is to learn from one of the very best on primitive skills in Europe.

Text is from his website, where it can also be booked:

Veidemann – man of the wilderness. This 7 day advanced course in the remote, wild and beautiful Telemark region of Norway aims to take students back to a simpler time, when man worked in harmony with nature and the environment to meet his needs. As fish is the main source of protein in this locality, the course has an emphasis on primitive fishing techniques, many of which are not possible to practice in the UK. After building our own elk-skin coracle, we will make and use fishing nets, hooks, line and fish traps and employ gill nets, harpoons and weirs to catch the abundant local wild trout. Other subjects taught are natural shelter building, fire-craft, foraging and wild food cooking – including making elk jerky! We also cover craft work with reindeer antler, birch bark and natural cordages among other subjects. This is a physically demanding course that requires a good level of fitness. Costs include all travel, food and materials within Norway. Students arrange their own travel and insurance to Norway (inexpensive flights are available though Ryanair)

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