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Aug 28 2007

The Allround Hunter

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My brother Laje do have some rather interesting updates on his blog now. It has been a very good start on the hunting season for him. I am very much looking forward to tanning that fox. Out of prime fur season it is, but the case skinned hide will make a nice bag or similar nonetheless.

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Aug 26 2007

Fish Trap

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I’ve finally finished my fishing trap. This is the style Patrick McGlinchey uses and Jon have also made one of them. This trap is all willow and was quite frankly a pain to make. The willow bark works fairly well as a binding, but it takes time processing as much as you need. Compared to wickerwork it also seems to slip easier.

The result is fairly pretty and I look forward to testing it, but the next time I will make a trap in the same way as the burden basket a little while ago. This method simply takes way too much time to be worthwhile.

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Aug 23 2007

This Blog, Me and the Project.

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Being interested in traditional skills and outdoors life, stone age living is the natural symbiosis. I’ve always been a rather extreme person. While other people may be satisfied with testing this from time to time, that just isn’t enough for me. The project is to get by with only stone age skills and tools. As I don’t have yet all of the natural gear constructed I will make more and within a year I’ll hopefully have replaced all or most of the modern gear with things made from natural materials.

The project idea for me didn’t originally include blogging the experience, but since I heard about blogging via the mobile phone I thought some people might be interested to hear how it is to live the way we humans are supposed to.

This blog is primarily not for the skills themselves, but is on the daily life, emotions and similar stuff. My other blog is unmaintained by me, but still contains a lot of skill demonstrations.

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Aug 19 2007

Two New Creations

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Nothing great to report. I’ve been gathering some nettle fibres for fishing lines, a carrying net and a fishing net. I have tested some new techniques for making willow basketry, since this was a crude attempt at a burden basket I will not post anything about the techniques I’ve tested them further and gotten better at it.

Both Patrick McGlinchey and Jon_R have recently been experimenting with coiled basketry and that has inspired me to give it a go. To start on this type of project I needed to make a needle first. This one is out of a thin, flat section of reindeer antler. I expect the thinness to be an advantage in this kind of work.

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Aug 13 2007

Sub-arctic Food Plants

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The subarctic region has few food plants. Most of them give a fairly low output, energywise. It’s fish and game that are the major sources of food there. Here I show you three plants that has a fairly good output. If you have a woman or two ( 😉 ) gathering these plants for several hours of the day I think you could at least achieve almost the needed calorie intake, at least combined.


You can not eat too many of these berries, but they contain a fair amount of sugar and vitamin C. They also store quite well. The Saami hid these for the winter under overhanging waterfalls. I love the taste of these and snack or gather them whenever they are available. The actual colour is more yellow than on the photo.


Viking era candy. All the plant is edible. Very spicy and too much flavour to eat alone in my opinion. Very good boiled with meat or fish. It’s not so abundant and can be difficult to find in quantity. Also contains vitamin C.

Alpine Bistort

The whole plant is edible. The seeds taste a little nutty, but are hardly worthwhile collecting and processing (winnowing). Quickly fried in the coals, the roots which can be of quite decent size, taste almost like french fries.

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