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Sep 30 2007

Getting worse

With my brother and his shotgun leaving today the food situation will worsen. The moose and caribou is off limits and beaver season doesnt start until a few days. I plan to reorganise my equipment and move to lower ground where I can hopefully bag a deer. Until then it is skinny fish and cowberries.

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Sep 29 2007

Life in the tipi

Today I have tanned (braintan) the fox skin. My brother (photo) has shot three black grouse and we are having one for dinner. Yummy. Later I’ll go fishing spawning trout. Weather is shit, spirit is good. I can read the comments on wap. Thanks. And the shelter is a tipi. I starting to feel that my gear is too heavy because of it though.

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Sep 28 2007

Moving camp

Today I fleshed the fox hide shown in the previous post. After a short unsuccessful hunting trip I relocated camp. Two of my brothers joined me and we struggled around a large lake in the dark. Far from a pleasant trip to say the least.

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Sep 28 2007

Axe and stuff

The promised extra photo. The rehandled moose axe, now with beaver stick handle, in the bottom. Above is a just fleshed fox skin and some capercaille tail feathers. Both shot by my kid brother.

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Sep 27 2007

Slow day

Not much to report yet. Fleshed a roe deer skin and made a new handle to my axe. Caught two trout in a net too. Forgot the photo today. I will make two tomorrow.

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