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Dec 31 2007

Happy New Year!

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In a few hours we enter 2008. Let’s hope we aren’t at the same time entering a rerun on 1929.

For the coming year I have lots and lots of plans, but all of them are pretty much out in the air:

  • 99% sure projects (nothing is a 100) are: New bow and full set of clothes for myself.
  • Pending projects: Earthlodge and a new spruce bark canoe.

Of course, I also need to get that book done. The first one will more than likely be a best of blog book with some new photos and elaboration on the articles.

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Dec 30 2007

Finished The Fox Fur Mittens

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My first complicated tailoring project is now done. Fox fur mittens, lined with roe deer buckskin, sewn with reindeer sinew and reindeer antler needle. I might add another rim of fur around the hole, but I need some more nice fox fur first.

Here is a photo of it from the back of the hand:


Of the inside of the mittens:


And here of the owner wearing them, though not with matching clothes:


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Dec 30 2007


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Got this idea when looking at a small piece of discarded willow cordage today. I twined it back up on itself being in a playful mood and thought it would look good as a bracelet. I did however not want an ugly knot on it. After a while I found a piece of bird bone stored in a box. So, I grooved it and broke it off, scored decoration and filled the fissures with charcoal and smeared over some butter to keep it in place. Now the ends are tucked into this pipe instead.


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Dec 28 2007

Mitten Day

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I’m almost done with the mittens. I don’t want to show them at this stage though, but wait until they are complete.

One more tip regarding sewing:

  • Don’t sew all the way around for example the thumb or the whole mitten. Take it from each side towards the point, or you might end up with quite a problem when you reach the other end. You’ll discover that you probably have stretched one layer all the way and you end up with a excess material which will look very, very out of place.

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Dec 28 2007

First Sewing, Child Mittens w/Thumbs

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I’ve finally started on the second pair of mittens. And I’m surprised how well it goes. After I made the patterns and cut out the fur and buckskin it’s really just a matter of thinking it through. I’m not going to reprint the patterns, since that would be almost a total rip off from this book. I have now sewed up the thumbs on both hands. The rest should be piece of cake.



  • Make an extra stitch in the corner of the thumb for extra strenght in a critical point.
  • Use broken needles or whatever to pin the piece together while sewing.
  • Pull out the fur from the seams after you have turned it. This will make the garnment look like it’s made from one single piece of skin.
  • Don’t use overhand stitches, but single (or double) running stitches. That definitely looks better on the product. And will probably make it more airproof too.


Note to self (and who it might concern) for next mitten pair: Make flat seams around the thumbs for a more comfortable fit.

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