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Mar 13 2008

Summer Courses 2008

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I’m setting up 2 courses in 2008. There are 5 places on each course, but the course will be run even with only 4 attendants.

The course is a fishing course/skills course. We’ll fish every day and that will be a major passtime. There is A LOT of fish in the area, so I guarantee that everyone will catch fish, provided any effort put into it. Most of the fishing will be modern angling, but we’ll also use nets and simple baited hook and line.

The various skills you’ll learn you can see in the preliminary course plan below (will probably change during the course). You will not learn how to use an axe or a knife, it’s required that you do. We’ll sleep under the open sky, though I’ll have the lavvo up in case of bad weather, so we can still do stuff.

I hope you like fish, because that will encompasse most of the free food on this course, but you’ll all get a taste of some kind of game as well. Keep in mind that I don’t provide the bulk food for you. I recommend rations. This course is not very physically demanding.

The costs does not include food or travelling, which will both have to be arranged on your own. There are cheap flights from various places in Europe going to Torp Airport. From there you can take bus totalling to a cost between 2-300 NOK. I’ll check the price and edit in the exact costs. You need to have an insurance that covers the kind of activities we’ll do.



Day 1



Basics of fire.

Tips and demonstration on fishing trout.


Day 2

Setting fishing lines.

Fire by friction (handdrill).

Setting fishing net.


Day 3

Taking up net.

Very basic stone tools.

Antler/bone knife. (Stone tools only project)

Setting fishing net.


Day 4

Taking up net.

Continue on the antler/bone knife. (Stone tools only project)



Day 5

Bark container.

Setting nets.


Day 6

Taking up nets.

Wild edibles gathering.

Preparing animals.

Cooking a wild food meal.


Day 7

Daytrip to one of the better fishing lakes.

A sheath for the antler/bone knife.

Everybody takes a bath in the lake to clean up after the trip.


Day 8

You take the bus early in the morning.




Recommended kit list:


Mountain boots.


Axe (if you want to).

Shorts (recommended in case of hot weather).

Good pair of breathing trousers.

Good windproof jacket.

Woolen sweater.

Good summer sleeping bag.

Hammock or underblanket.

Tarp to keep the rain out of you and your gear.

Moskito repellents (I don’t use it, but you may prefer to).

Several pairs of socks and underwear.

Fishing rod with line.

Fishing lures.



1. – 7. July (1st and 8th travelling days)

10. – 16. July (10th and 17th travelling days) (Cancelled)

Course price per person: €450

Application for the course is done by replying to this thread. I’ll then contact you and provide the method of payment.



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