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Aug 12 2008

No posts in a few days

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Sorry, no money on the phone card. Can’t update every day without it.

PS! I’ll try to do a proper update in a few days.

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Aug 10 2008

rain again

Quite bad weather again today. I have mostly been scraping a moose hide and reading.

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Aug 09 2008

Testing new food plant.

Tested bird cherry for food today. Saw how to process it on a Ray Mears show. Not impressed with the taste. Can’t see myself eating this except in a pinch. I may try to dry a few of these cakes to see how they are then.

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Aug 08 2008

Wild comfort

This photo shows my thoughts on luxury. A spruce branch bed with caribou skin bedding.

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Aug 07 2008

rainy day

Been in the lavvo most of the day. Been reading and scraping a skin.

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