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Oct 07 2008

Too long since last time

First of all, thank you all of you who has donated! I feel like I have neglected my responsibility towards you. My only excuse is that I’ve been very busy. Like here, picking sour cherries for my mother… hehe


In fact it’s been so long since last time I updated that I can’t remember everything that has happened. So I’ll just spend a little time summing things up.

Boring stuff first: I’ve been one short trip to the city and am back now for almost a week. I have other things I rather should have done, but nice to see the kids.

In August I arranged a 5 day trip with the students of the school I work part time at. We went 3 of the days eating nothing but berries and fish we caught. Not everybody was equally happy with that arrangement, but I think all went out of it with a new appreciation of food.


After that I put a lot of work into hunting caribou. This was my first season and I shot only one, but it gave me a lot of experience that I’ll need next year. The gun is required btw. No bowhunting is allowed in Norway unfortunately. The skin was simply unfolded on the poles in the lavvo to dry. The meat that wasn’t eaten fresh, was hung on strings to dry.


Lately the spawning trout is hitting the rivers with full force. Not coincidentally, Patrick McGlinchey from Backwoods Survival School and I ran the Veidemann course last week. I’ll make an in depth post about that soon.

Some scenery pictures:


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