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Nov 28 2008

Busy times

Hi folks

I find it hard to find time to do any writing whatsoever when back home. Right now I’m in the city for 2 weeks, so I might as well spend some time summing up what’s happened since the last post.

After the course, I went straight to the city for a week to visit the kids, like I am now. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time hunting moose, though unsuccessfully. I’ve been hunting sometimes alone, but most of the time with a very experienced guy, who has shot in excess of 150 moose.

All I have shot during this time is a duck and a couple of thrushes, so needless to say I’m not on a wild diet at all. The school I work at, preserving skins that I have either gotten from hunters or ordered from somewhere else and making my stuff from scratch takes so much time that I don’t get around procuring much food. I know though, that it’s something I have to start focusing on.

Thomas and some other primitives have been visiting me, they are setting up a wilderness living course in the area of the school I’m working this January. A link you have here.

I have also set up 2 courses next spring and it is very likely that I set up a tanning course in not so long. If you wonder what the difference between my courses and Thomas’ ones are, I’m more focused on the skills alone, while he is focused on the wholistic, society thing.

Btw. Finally my reindeer sleeping bag is finally coming along, skins are being tanned. I’m not going for a super soft, ultra sexy tan, so I think I’ll be done quite quickly when I’m back.

Not been taking a lot of photos lately, the batteries don’t last long in the cold, so some of these photos are rather old. The left one is from a misty morning. Look at all those spiderwebs. The ones to the right are of drying berries on a hide and drying trout in the lodge.


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