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Jan 09 2009

Sleeping bag and more

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I must admit that I haven’t been spending much time out since last post. I’ve been on various missions in the city and spent the Christmas in with my family. I have managed to do quite a few crafts projects though.

What I have done:

  • Tanned 5 caribou skins and made a sleeping bag out of them. All of the skins didn’t turn out very soft, but progressively better.
  • Made a stone skin scraper for doing the above task.
  • Fleshed a few moose skins and a number of caribou skins.
  • Made a fur cap of self tanned fox fur.
  • Made a number of new bone needles.
  • Braided several ptarmigan snares from sinew.
  • Hafted my stone knife with cherry pitch, a success you can read about here.

Work is tying my life up and taking too much time, but I’ll have more time off some time in February or March, when I’ll head deeper out into the wilds for a while.

Some pictures:

Cherry pitch, an excellent glue.


Cutting one of the stiffer caribou skins with a flake.


A part of the sleeping bag, before finishing and wringing it. I later discovered that I hadn’t used the optimal stitch, if I had known, wringing wouldn’t have been necessary.


Some of my skins, in a piles and stretched out on the ground. You also see the moose skin coracle we made on a course this autumn to the left.


One of my brothers is making his first buckskin. We freeze dried them and worked them once with a wedge shaped stick. They still need some softening.


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