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Feb 04 2010

Fashion 2010…

I am sure you have all had an eventful year! The last year has been one of many difficult lessons for me. There has been times with no motivation and going back to civilized life for some time. Mostly due to loneliness. However these experiences have all strengthened me in my belief that there is no way back. The endless boredom and rutine of a modern job would push me into drug abuse or depression for sure.

A few goals have been modified. I use metal tools for the majority of tasks now, although I value my knowledge of the stone tools and sometimes utilize them if I forget my steel tools. Other things are at a more personal level, which I may tell you if I meet you in person.

There has been plenty of hunting, both successful and unsuccessful. New fishing techniques have been tested with success. Food has generally not been a problem.

Crafts have been made, but the cold weather (was below minus 30 at the camp at times) and the lack of motivation has limited it. A really comfortable winter accommodation is necessary in order to get these things done. Earth lodge was started during the course this autumn, but was not finished. However it became a good double lean-t, that will be made totally enclosed next year.

This brings me to American bushman’s request about a heads up for this year’s Veidemann course. Well, here it is. 🙂 The dates are 13th to 19th October. Anyone interested can have a further look here.

The plans for the future are as they usually are for me; fluid and evolving. One thing is for sure: I am going to spend more time with likeminded people. Any primitives that want to come for a visit or have me visiting them at your camp locations, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can’t have visitors for months at the time, but a week or so is ok.

Recently I have made clothing of reindeer skin. Although some of my tailoring has left a bit to be desired these clothes are very warm and functional. For the mittens I used instructions from “Secrets of Eskimo Skin Sewing” by Edna Wilder. Made patterns from birch bark. The shoes are a mix between traditional Norwegian ski shoes and Saami shoes. The parka was adapted (made some minor changes) from Tamarack Song’s article in Wilderness Way Magazine (vol. 15, issue 1). There is still some work left to make it 100%, but it works more than satisfactorily now. Both the shoes and the parka were made without patterns, freeform.


Here are the softening tools I have experimented with: Artillery cartridge in brass (not very good), shell (very good, but dulls quickly), cannon bone end scraper (very good, energy efficient, but dulls quickly)  hafted stone scraper (quite good, energy efficient, but requires a beam).


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