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Apr 25 2010

Caraway Roots

Last night I started working on a willow fish trap. It is now soaking again before the final touch.

Today I’ve been gathering the young roots and leaves of caraway (Carum carvi). In a soup they’re deliciously spicy in a mild way. For a digging stick I usually use a beaver stick, naturally pointed and available in abundance. To dig the roots I poke the digging stick into the soil right next to the plant and pry up towards the plant. Then it is easy to separate it from the soil. The roots are then washed before consumption.

The two birds in the picture are Canadian geese.

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Apr 24 2010

Scraping Tool

Today I have been scouting for new trap locations. Not much to report other than that I found this bone of moose. It is actually two bones, fused into one. I don’t know which is which, but one is ulna and one is radius.

This one is falling a bit apart, but when sharpened it’s my favourite tool for graining and membraning skins.

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Apr 23 2010


Today I have been building a new log deadfall for marten. I suspect that my previous lack of success with them is due to malconstruction and lack of preparation. So this year I am preparing early so the suspicious sap smell will wither away in time. The plan is also to “feed” the traps every time I pass by to make them get used to finding food there.

I will build one more deadfall today, which brings me up to a total of 5 marten, about 10 stoat, 1 mink and 1 multispecies deadfalls in this area. I need to at least double that before next winter.

I’ll inform you of any success of course!

The picture of a sausagelike thing is of a rinsing beaver-stommach.

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Apr 22 2010

Drying Weather

Spring is the best time for drying meat and fish in this area. The weather is generally quite dry then and there are yet no flies hatched. I cut the meat into thin sheets and lay them over rocks or on logs in front of rocks. The sun stores heat in the rocks aiding the drying process. Any ribs I just hang as they are since the meat on them is so thin anyway. The plastic bag functions as a scarecrow.

During rain I hang the food in the lavvo to be heated by the campfire. This is also the solution during high summer when the flies are always on standby for some meat.

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Apr 21 2010

Den trap

Today I have spent quite a bit of time finding a good location for a den trap and hollowing out a log for a tunnel. An old, rotten one will serve fine I hope. For information on making a more advaned one I recommend “Survival Poaching” by Ragnar Benson.

The reason why I choose such a trap in the valley is that it is not lethal to the hunting dogs used in the valley. The location is a fair distance from where people frequently go, so not to scare the fox from using it. Maybe a bit far from human habitation for badger, but it’s proximity to the river might attract mink. I have also seen marten tracks there on a previous occation.

The pics are of the rotten log and the site. Virtually no need for digging, but a slight risk of flooding.

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