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Jun 27 2010

Going Back

After about three weeks of construction work I am now on the train back to my location. The incredible boredom and routine of city life has made me flow over with inspiration and ideas. Many of them I will try to put into life during the next weeks.

The coming week I’ll prepare for a course I’m going to run next weekend, after that I have various plans.

Saw a couple of musk ox from the train when passing over the mountains. I was unfortunately too slow to be able to catch them on the photos.

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Jun 06 2010

E-book up for sale

I have now published an e-book on how to make a primitive sewing kit and moccasins. Clicking the cover will get you to the sales site. I hope those who buy it finds it useful!

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Jun 01 2010


I am travelling at the moment and there is in general very little to report. Unfortunately, due to a lack of money, I have to go to Trondheim and work for about 3 weeks time. Posting will because of this be fairly sporadic for some time.

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