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Jul 29 2010

New Hooks and Needles

Being in the city for a bit it provides an excellent opportunity for making things that I need, but usually postpone in favour of other things.

With three new needles my needle case is now full. The smallest one is of ideal size in my opinion, the two others are acceptable.

The two hooks are made from toe bone of roe deer. Not the regular, main toe bones, but some others, which are smaller. This size will catch even the small trout which is the most common back home. My hand is there for size reference.

We were out picking some wild strawberries the other day. The ones we didn’t eat on the spot we threaded on grass straws. A quick method for carrying them when you don’t have a container. My kids are here proudly displaying one of these straws.

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Jul 26 2010

Some Plants

When it comes to how things are going I’ll come with a status update as soon as I find the cable for my regular camera. But yeah, I’m in the city at the moment. From Friday on I hope it’ll be a long time until next time.

Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) have edible flowers and leaves. At this time neither are very good, but young the whole plant is quite sweet. Beware though males, this plant contains an oestrogen component, so it might be unhealthy in excess.

Pineapple Weed (Matricaria discoidea) is a common, fairly inconspicous weed on gravel roads. I like the flowers because of their distinct pineapple taste.

The Ox-Eye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) is mainly pretty in wreaths. Like this one, which my oldest daughter and I made a while ago. The leaves are also marginably edible.

For those interested in learning how to read nature I have one less commonly known connection. The old people back home says that when the Red Currants (Ribes rubrum) in the valley are ripe, it is time to go picking Cloudberries (Rubus chamaemorus) in the mountains. Of the 30 or so different berries in the area, cloudberry is the most important one. It is highly packed with vitamin C and the only berry I have found that will give you a sense of fullness after eating some quantity.

Another point of interest for any locals is that hazel nuts appears be extremely abundant in Trondheim this year!

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Jul 19 2010

Travelling Again

Gratangen was a nice place, but now I am travelling again. Going for a quick trip to Trondheim, then out to an island where I am to meet up with some other folks and do some mackarel fishing.

Last thing on the festival I made a pair of pampooties, Irish/Scottish rawhide shoes. They are quite basic and are to be used wet. They provide protection to the feet as well as improving the grip on slippery rock.

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Jul 17 2010

Dolphins and Boats

Yesterday I was out on the sea, trying my luck with the fish. Which was none… A really exciting thing though was two small dolphins, called nise in Norwegian, that came right up to my boat. I did not manage to get take a photo close up, but I got one from a distance.

Also, today I finished the currach and an oar for it. The picture is of two of my helpers sitting in it.

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Jul 16 2010

Currach in the Making

The currach I am building is taking shape. With the aid of some nice people the frame was tied together in short order.

The sea is teeming with life here so I am going out to test my bone hooks this evening.

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