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Sep 13 2010

Reindeer Hunting

Since last time I have been a bit here and there, but primarily been hunting wild reindeer. The population now is quite good and there are plenty of herds about. Thus have I with relatively little effort (compared with the last couple of years) shot two.

One was a female. I have my own particular way of skinning and butchering. I always skin the belly and sides before gutting, since this is made more difficult if done the other way around. This is particularily important with bigger animals, where the skin sits more firmly.

The other was a calf. Displayed here by Nerius, one of several people that visited me during the hunt. I don’t release the skin from the head and hooves until I’m at the camp as the skin facilitates easier carrying in a way I’ll reveal in a book at some point.

The head was slowly grilled and was absolutely delicious. Head stew is great, but for this you don’t need a container.

We fried stommach fat, liver, kidneys and blood filled stommachs on a hot rock. A very rich meal!

Unfortunately some hunters don’t care for taking more than the legs (not always all of them even…) and maybe the tenderloins. Almost none take with them the skin and the heads. This practise helps increase the already big problem of medium sized predators keeping the small game population at a permanently low level.

Since fat is generally far more calorie rich than meat and all of that is usually thrown away, a normal hunter wastes approximately half the calories on every animal they shoot. These hunters throw away approximately half the meat as well, leaving something close to 3/4 of the calories in the mountains…

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