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Oct 30 2011

Fall time in the northwoods

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I´ve spent most of this summer in the woods with a few other people (you can read more about it on the Into the Woods blog). Since a few weeks, I´ve been back to the world of buildings, cars and phones, working on various projects, some of which take me back into the woods, others into more civilized environments. Amongst some of the major projects were (and are) harvesting and drying bull rush and marshgrass for future summer lodges, gathering large quantities of black walnuts and hickory nuts, getting firewood stacked and ready for the winter.

Recently I also visited Jarrod Stonedahl, a friend of mine who’s a skilled woodworker – those of you who have some interest in this subject may want to check out his new blog which has some great posts on birch bark canoes etc.

There are  a number of craft projects that I want to work on before the beginning of the white season: my fur parka needs some patching along the sleeves, the mukluk soles are worn through and need replacement and my snowshoes could use some new rawhide lacing…plenty to do. On the other hand, I´m looking forward to really test out the toboggan I finished last winter. I´ll be posting updates here along the way.

In the meantime, here are a couple impressions of the northwoods fall:

Beavers are getting ready for winter too and flooded this wetland

A typical fall scene...

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