May 05 2012

Winter update

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Haven’t really posted much since last fall since I was busy with other things, so I thought I’ d catch up a little bit. Last winter I’ve done a number of trips in the woods ranging from a few days to a few weeks, exploring, tracking, and trapping. Following are some pictures from that time.

This is how the soles of my mukluks looked like at the beginning of the winter, so some repairs were in order. Much of the wear and tear was from crusty snow conditions during the previous spring.

To avoid having to take the mukluks apart in the future in order to exchange the soles I decided to add an extra sole on the outside which could be replaced easily if necessary, leaving the main boot intact. Detail view on the left, finished boots on the right. Thanks to a generous gift I had some commercial mukluks with rubber soles in the meantime, and I can certainly understand why in some cases Natives were quick to adopt some modern materials…

A story waiting to be told: The tracks of four wolves fanning out on a lake.

Some winter landscape impressions. I find that I feel most alive when I’m connected to the “moods” of the weather and the land.

The sun peeking through the cloud cover after a snow storm.

This shelter seems a little small for the porcupine…

A friend of mine checking a (not so primitive) beaver trap under the ice.

In February I attended a week-long wolf tracking class that was organized by Teaching Drum Outdoor School and Wilderness Awareness School. It was very inspiring and informative, as we spent most of the time in the field tracking, and got together in the evenings to listen to the stories that each group brought back from their particular area. One of the highlights for me was following the tracks of a wolf for hours who was running at full speed through dense brush, and our group of five almost moved like a wolf pack too, with one person following the tracks and the rest covering the rear and sides, semi-circling whenever necessary to pick up on the trail again. The tracks finally led us to a kill site (see pictures above), where some blood, hide scraps and scattered stomach contents were the only remains of a young deer…

Spring thaw – the end of the winter.


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  1. Gorges Smytheon 05 May 2012 at 10:29 am

    Beautiful photos!

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