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Nov 30 2012

Thomas Missing in Alaska

My friend and co-writer here has been missing in Alaska since November 15th after having been alone in the wilderness since around September 25th. The search parties found very few clues to what have happened and the search has been suspended until further leads are discovered.

Thomas is extremely hardy and might very well still be ok, but something has definitely happened to keep him from getting back. If you want to help in any way, you can contact Teaching Drum and they will inform you what you can do in terms of donations to the search.

I wish that this great adventurer and human being will return to tell the tale.

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Nov 07 2012

News from My Life

For the last year I have been trying many new things. I now work about half the year, it’s ok to work, but I feel that I’m betraying my path in life. However, looking back on it I see that all of it was necessary. I have almost learnt how to suffer like a civilized man. hehe

I’m not advocating illegal actions here, but lets say that hallusinogens in a ritualistic setting has a lot to offer. Recreational use is potensially dangerous, but respectful use can give you insigths that might otherwise be difficult to access. I believe they are the gifts that nature offers us to find back to her.

I spent the first half of the year exploring the realm of the subconcious and the spirit-world. It’s been fantastic for me. Since the summer I have very much spent time in the physical world, gotten a new appreciation for masculine occupations such as fighting. To me an honourable warrior’s actions is a dance with death. He accepts the sacrifice of his flesh as a celebration of the life breathed into this cold world.

There is no telling how long I’ll be stuck with a regular job. Actually I don’t mind working a little, it keeps me grounded in the world that everybody lives in, instead of totally creating my own reality. But living in a house is again becoming very boring for me. I need the fresh air and the routine of camp life.

The reindeer hunt didn’t go so well this year. I shot two animals which was far less than I had hoped. Autumn fishing has almost not happened this year, but we caught quite a lot of trout in the spring and the quality of the fish has improved markedly. There is a lot more fat around the intestines now and a higher percentage that is red in the flesh.

My big nightmare is transition clothing and reingear, which is needed for a great part of the year here. I’ve been looking into bark tanning and Saami footwear, but haven’t done much of the practical work yet. Bark tanning takes an awful long time. Modern shoes are not good, they dry too slowly when wet and are virtually impossible to repair in the field, so this really needs to be a priority. I have found that half tanned bark hides are very difficult to soften, I was hoping to do a shortcut there.

Anyway, that’s an update long overdue. Enjoy some of the few pictures I have actually bothered taking. I have some plans for the future, but they’ll be revealed when they have actually happened. 🙂

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