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Apr 30 2013

Beaver Hunt

Managed to be off for a few days on a location further to the south where I have secured some rights for hunting beaver. I shot two, one of them showing in the beginning of the skinning stage on the photo further down. Spring is late this year and there was quite heavy snow just a few days ago (before this blog update). Most of the lakes have ice on them still.

As an interesting side note this is the only location that I have seen where the beavers fell and eat the bark of masses of Scotch pine. Usually they stick to decideous woods.


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Apr 23 2013

Knife and Drinking Cup

I’ve finally gotten hold of a new camera, so I thought I’d post some of the crafts I’ve done since I posted last time.

The knife blade is made by a fella from the US called James. The handle is reindeer bull antler, sheath of spruce, stretched over with bark tanned reindeer skin and sewn with sinew. I must admit though that I used a modern glue to fix the handle…

In the winter one really needs a drinking cup here to be able to reach down to the streams from the top of the snow. Also, dipping your fingers in the freezing water is not the best. The cup is made out of dead and dry aspen wood. The cup was carved out as much as I could with a regular knife, then burned out for the rest. I was careful not to include the core and got almost no splitting.

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