May 05 2014

Shamanism Can Never Die

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Why are we here? Am I only my physical body? Why do events happen in my life that are unexpected and uncontrollable?

All of these existential¬† questions and many more trouble us from time to time in our lives. Most of the time they are suppressed because of distractions in your daily life, however if not dealt with they’ll always be there. The answers can not be found in our present science, but are found in the spiritual. If you don’t believe in spiritual effects on your life, you’ll live in confusion and fear for the rest of your life.

I haven’t written much on this subject before, but it’s a subject close to my heart, essential to sustainable living in any form. I will present my views on how the spiritual world is connected to physical experience as well as how in my experience it is possible to use these realizations to materially change your physical experience.

My subjectivity is a matter that needs addressing from the start. Experiences of any kind, whether visual, audible or in any of your other senses (which could be more than the classically assumed number), will be different from person to person. Using extremes to illustrate; some people are colourblind, some are deaf, some are hypersensitive to light. On top of this, interpreting the inputs will be made through a cultural filter of stories, morals and dogmas. Simply speaking: One man’s demon can therefore be another’s guardian angel.

In my way of thinking, the various levels of manifestation (physical, dreams, visions, imagination) are personal interpretations of what is happening. The wavelengths or energies are seen and sorted by your physical apparatus, such as through sight, and further filtered through your cultural framework. To illustrate the sensory subjectivity bats are a good example. They send out sound signals that aren’t audible to us and they also use this sense in a completely different way than us, by creating a 3D map out of the sounds for navigation.

The sheer subjectivity in everything, makes it clear to me that as an understanding of our connection to the whole, shamanism can never die. The only thing that can can succumb to time are the sensory and cultural filters with which we interpret the connections.


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  1. allenon 16 Nov 2014 at 3:32 pm

    your correct shamanism in all its various forms can never die, although there is those that wish it would but there’s a Renaissance now which grows as fast as they try to choke it, power to you and follow your path, if ever you venture south to asele find me

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