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Apr 26 2022

Roe Deer Antler Harpoon

Although I am not averse to using metal tools, roe deer antler is exceedingly hard and can damage the edge of your tools. Especially the base of the antler is hard. Because of this I used stone tools for this project. It was very effective and almost as quick as if I had used metal.

First I carved the spike into a barb. This involved cutting off the spike, smoothing it and sawing in the barb. Forgot to take pictures of this process unfortunately.

Grinding the base flat is a huge job. I thus had to find some heavy quartzite stone and knap a simple edge on it. Thus it became a rather good handaxe, suitable for the job.

Last the base was ground a bit more and the tip shaped and sharpened. Both on a harder sandstone type rock.

This harpoon can now be mounted onto a shaft for spearing large fish or water mammals such as beaver.

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