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Jan 10 2008

Why The Republic of Lakota is a Philosophical Failure

I posted this on the Republic of Lakota’s forums. It is also an explaination on why nomadic hunter gatherer societies are infinitely stable and the people living in them free of control by authorities.


I have been thinking a lot about this and while I think the idea of you reclaiming your freedom is great, it is impossible. I’ll explain why.

In the hunter gatherer societies around the world, people enjoy almost total freedom. Because of shifting seasons and varying resource bases, people have to split up, often down to family units. They come together from time to time. Some people may decide to band together for a while because of advantages in search of food.

Because of this, any person that wants to gain power over others is restrained from doing so of the simple reason of the impossibility of retaining control over a dynamic group.

On the other hand, in an agricultural or sedentary society, a potential power hungry person can (and in time somebody will) try to control the other people. Because they all live in fixed locations, that is fairly easily achieved. After some time, laws restraining freedom becomes second nature and thought of as normal. People start accepting that some people have power over other people and owns large territories for their personal sprawl and profits.

Dynasties will come and go, but as long as you rely on a sedentary location, some people will use other people for their own good. It has happened to almost (I say that because I can not be 100% sure) every single sedentary society on earth.

The only opportunity for the Lakotas to ever become free again is to drop the idea of the state, breed buffalo like cracy and release them. Of course this isn’t going to happen of two reasons:
– The Lakotas can not win a war against the US.
– The people that now believe that they own the lands would shoot the buffalo for fun and profit.

Is it really freedom you want? Or do you just want another state that is going to deteriorate into despotism?

Torjus Gaaren

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Dec 23 2007

Of timeless importance

I’m sitting here on the bus seeing an article in this woman’s magazine about someone living and breathing only for an organisation. Now, why is such an involvement sad in my eyes? Because this guy is wasting his life, serving something final. Everyone in their right minds knows that states, organisations and other constructs comes to an end. Nature is something we humans have to deal with and when the short era of fossile fuels is over, the primitive skills, the skills of the past once again will determine life or death for us. Timelessness is thus the reason for my two greatest involvements in life.

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Dec 22 2007

Lakota Souix Claiming Independence From The US

First thanks to Survival Acres for his great donation. On his blog I also found this news. I must say I’m happy for them if it happens, though I think they’ll either not follow it through or get slaughtered in the attempt.

Read more on their site: Lakota Freedom Delegation

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Jul 31 2007

Fuedalism Alive and Well in Britain

A young friend of mine, named Jon is now being cut off from moving around on the estate where his father works. Their house is surrounded by the estate, so he is now really confined to walking on the roads and their own lawn. He is very much into outdoor life and crafts and is very responsibly behaving towards the environment. If he or anyone else in his family trespasses his father risk loosing his job.

I try to avoid posting things with political content, but I find this really appaling. I consider it the right of every human to be able to move around in their surroundings.

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Dec 11 2006

Legalities in regards to primitive living in Norway.


The primitive in Norway seems hardly able to thrive on hunting and trapping (legally that is). Fishing however is another story. If we first have a look away from the legalities, there are literally thousands on thousands of lakes in Norway with way too much fish. It is more than likely that you will be able to secure rights to use a net or two along all the way of your migration line. 😉

Fishing in the sea is open to everybody, including with nets and long line, as long as it is for non-commersial purposes only. The exception is equipment specifically aimed at catching salmon, sea trout and sea char. Here the landowner has exclusive rights. That does not include hook and line however. There are no fees for fishing in the sea.

In freshwater, nets are for the land owner’s exclusive use. Where a fishing license is required, you that is the only fee required. The exception is where there are salmon, sea trout or sea char in the water. There there is an additional fee to the government. Where no fishing licences are sold, fishing is off-limits. However, persons up to 16 years are allowed to fish wherever they like for free, except where there is anadromous fish.

Fishing spears are illegal to use. Very few care though, and I claim my right to do it as everyone has done it where I come from in times immemorial. In fact, I didn’t know it was illegal until I checked it now! Bowfishing is legal for pike only. I have found no exception for tickeling trout and I therefore consider that to be legal.

That’s all for now. I may not have covered it all. If I discover that I have left something out, I will post it.

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