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Mar 11 2020

Shorting Civilization to Zero

As you may or may not know, I have been mainly focused on learning the craft of trading and technical analysis over the past few years. This comes in addition to me being more self sufficient on wild food than I ever was.

My observations is that we have probably reached a major top, perhaps even THE major top in the stock market. I am inviting you all to a potential bear trade that will make the financial crisis look like a walk in the park.

The cost per month is 50 USD and it is expected that you have at least basic knowledge of trading and risk management.


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May 08 2017

Spring Fishing

This video was filmed last year. We fish brown trout with nets in spring for food and cultivation. We have thinned the population heavily over the last years and the quality is improving quite a bit. This year I haven’t had the time to fish so much myself and Jon has been fishing most of the 1500 fish we’ve caught so far this spring.

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May 01 2017

Burning Pastures

In the spring we often burn pastures and underbrush in forest to clear dead vegetation and get more fresh growth. It is not so dangerous if you know what you are doing.

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Apr 29 2017

Videos from the Veidemann Course

It’s been quite a while since the last time I posted. Here are two videos from the Veidemann Course 2016. One has already been posted on the livingprimitively facebook page. The one about seine netting has just been edited.



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Aug 02 2016

Two Courses This Autumn

There are two courses running this autumn. Both of them still have a few available places.

The first is on the 3rd to the 8th of September. It is an expedition run by Elements Expeditions. This course is focused around the reindeer hunt with the fishing as a “side-dish”. This expedition is for people seeking adventure and self-exploration. On the physical, mental and spiritual level.  The man in charge of our sweat lodge ceremony has been training with the pueblo indians for many years. My co-hosts, Jaap and Jeroen are in charge of keeping you sane while, I and nature itself torment you at a physical level. 😉

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The Veidemann course hasn’t been going ahead for a couple of years for various reasons, but this year it will. This course is focused around the abundant spawn fishing. With the odd side dish of whatever else there might might be. Usually something rather unwesternly, but awesome cousine. My co-host at this course is Patrick McGlinchey, craftsman and survivalist extrordinaire. Featured on many occasions on BBC and various other TV-channels. In this course my job is to teach you how to keep yourself fed (and maybe keep you sane from Patrick’s many stories).

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